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Online Accountancy Software Solution

Benefits of Outsourcing your Book keeping and using our Online Accountancy software solution

  Internal Bookkeeper Do It Yourself In Safe Hands Business Services
Cost Salary and Benefits must be paid whether or not work is being accomplished. You have to dedicate time to bookkeeping – and time is money! You are buying services, not hours. Pay for results – not holiday time, sick time, or training time, at Fixed monthly prices.
Availability If your bookkeeper is part-time so is your access to your books. You have access to your books, but are they accurate? Limited to whatever computers have the files on them. Anytime, anywhere online access to your books, with professional support available to you.
Relationship Employer-employee personal relationships can create emotional attachment that often detracts from proper professional management. N/A Professional relationship between two companies brings the trust of an employee, but employee personal problems do not interfere.
Staff Turnover Bookkeepers often gain experience and move on to work for another company. N/A Staff turnover is invisible to you, and work continues to be completed accurately and on time.
Time and Resources Employee supervision, use of your office space and computer. Proper bookkeeping and accounting can eat up a lot of your time. Frees up your time, which is better spent on building your business.
Knowledge Reliant on one employee who may have limited training to keep your books and financials in order. Your expertise is your business, not accounting and bookkeeping. Our team consists of highly trained Professionals who keep up on new trends and practices in bookkeeping and accounting.
Information Safety Reliance on your computer and boxes of papers. Many business owners take few, basic steps to ensure the security of their books. Data stored on state-of-the-art servers, and backed up regularly in a UK location.